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Why Choose Wood Shutters Over Vinyl?

Your home is where your heart is, and one constantly strives to keep it looking good and make it better. Little additions or home improvement ideas also enhance the value of the house in many ways. Window treatments help to bring about a new look that completely changes the character of your home.

In Arizona and different parts of the country, giving your home a renewed look with a resort like feel can be easily done with the help of hardwood plantation shutters. When it comes to the concept of window dressing, choose wood shutters. They promise a classic touch that is timeless and does not fade away all too easily.

It is also true that wood shutters are a tad bit expensive in comparison to the vinyl ones.

Are hardwood shutters the more preferred and popular choice than vinyl?

When deciding on window treatments, it is necessary to ask the following questions. The impact of the climate on the shutters, mainly the exterior, the budget for installing them and, the maintenance factor of course.

In comparison to the wooden shutters, vinyl ones are a relatively affordable and a cheap option. The stark difference with the hardwood shutters is that they can be installed in different colors and patterns. The vinyl ones also are not as versatile as wood and cannot be opened or closed like them. The wooden shutters do a good job of protecting the home from the external elements as well, be it weather or inquisitive neighbors. In addition to that, they have a natural look and irrespective of the stains or the varnish continue to look their natural grainy self, unlike the vinyl ones, which give it a synthetic and an artificial look.

So given these factors choose wood shutters because they are a preferred choice and win over the vinyl ones.

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