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How Shutters Help Keep Winter In Or Out


It’s already that time of year again, time to winterize and plan for extreme weather and possibly more guests. No matter where you put them, shutters are a great way to dress up the place, increase resell value, and help with your utility bills. Below are some benefits to our shutters and how they help keep winter in or out.

By adding another layer between windows and the house, shutters help with utility bills. Shutters keep the house warmer by providing additional insulation to the windows, and help block out the colder temperatures.  If you have a fire going they will help to keep that heat in as well. They work the same way if a cooler room is desired, and by easily deflecting unwanted direct sunlight shutters can help keep the house cooler and glare down.

If you like to get festive for the Holiday season shutters are easy to decorate and clean. There are no strings or unwanted movement to worry about so if you attached some lightweight decorations they will most likely stay put. Clothes-pinning cards or decorations is a safe and easy way to spruce up shutters, and if carefully done lights can be lightly strung around also.

Some other benefits shutters offer include the fact that they keep allergens down. By being able to easily wipe clean the dust can’t linger on shutters like on curtains or drapes. This is great if you are also plagued by seasonal allergies. If kept up well our shutters will continue to nicely last as long as the house does.

Our shutters are built to last and are more durable because won’t fade or ever look dated as curtains, shades, or drapes can. We can help you with every step of the way from planning and designing to the installation of your shutters. So get your house Holiday ready with Shutterz Incorporated!

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