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Recycle Old Shutters for Use in the Garden and Backyard

old shutters tableIf you’re thinking it’s about time to toss those old window shutters in the garbage think again. Homeowners have discovered many alternative, creative uses for these devices, so don’t be so apt to throw them to the curb. One of the best things about shutters is their artsy features; they look just as stylish when weathered as they do brand new, which makes them ideal for decorating outdoors.

Used alone or in conjunction with other pieces, they may just be the one thing your backyard landscape is missing! Here are some of the coolest ideas people have come up with, but by no means is this list exhaustive. The best, most original results come from pure creativity and imagination. Have fun and make those old shutters shine!

5 Uses to Recycle Old Shutters You Haven’t Thought Of

1. A Table Top
If you are feeling crafty and have a few carpentry skills, consider building a custom outdoor coffee or end table. Glue or nail the old shutter to the top to make a unique surface; feel free to cut it to size if need be.

2. A New Kind of Magazine Rack
The wide slats in shutters make them perfect for storing papers and magazines. Mount them vertically on an exterior wall next to a few patio chairs and you will have a cozy place to relax and read.

3. Shelving
Old wooden shutters are best known for their durability, and this makes them ideal for placing potted plants and any other outdoor foliage. As long as you are careful about not letting water sit for extended periods of time, you don’t need to worry about rotting or structural support problems.

4. A Wall Collage
This is a project for the truly crafty, and requires a number of old shutters. Find a wall you don’t mind covering and mount the pieces in various patterns. Once this hard work is complete, it is on to the fun part. Grab a few gallons of different colored paint and make your own shutter masterpiece. This will definitely turn heads and is bound to make your yard one of the neatest in the neighborhood.

5. Benches and Chairs
Everyone needs a comfortable place to sit and enjoy themselves, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy furniture from the store. Just like those desks and shelves, this one is completely up to you in terms of decorating. A popular idea involves arranging individual shutter boards in various patterns.

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