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Pet Safe Shutters

When deciding on window treatments for your home, there are various questions that come to your mind. Safety, privacy, esthetics, comfort, and convenience are some of them that play an important role when choosing shutters.

The above mentioned factors provide the broad perspective when it comes to having shutters at your home as window treatments. The other side of it is how they help if you have pets at home. It is important to make your home pet safe or pet friendly. You may or may not be at home at all times of the day. Neither is it possible to be tagging along your pet to very point you visit. There may be occasions that you may be out the entire day and your pet is left behind.

Our Shutters Are Built to Be Pet Safe

Shutters are durable
It is true that shutters are strong window treatments and provide good protection from light infiltration, noise infiltration and privacy from the inquisitive neighbors. Truth be told they are also pet safe. Pets find it extremely difficult to maneuver through them to be able to run to freedom. However, for bigger pets it may just be a matter of time until they are able to figure out the ways and means to do so. But with smaller pets you may be assured of containing them in the house and not having to fear them escaping. The slats affixed to a wooden frame and mounting to the sides of the windows are firm and strong and do not give way to slight or medium pressure.

Shutters can lock
One can also introduce a locking mechanism to make them extra safe and stand the test of pets of any size.

Shutters are made out of strong materials
In addition to this, the slats or the entire shutter are often made of fabricated or natural wood, or even PVC material. They are strong, versatile and can be easily controlled by us people. But, equally not so easy by the pets, making them double safe and sound.

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