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Louvered Shutters and Doors: A Feature that is Timeless

Are you looking to add features to your home that sets it a class apart, as well as is equally functional? The answer to that is the installation of louvered shutters and doors. They accent your home in a wonderful way as also provide the much needed privacy.

While there are different forms of window treatments available, louvered shutters and doors are claiming to be the most popular. They are slats that are placed horizontally and can be moved up or down depending on one’s needs. Interior designer and space experts prefer to use them as a form of window treatments.

3 Reasons to Use Louvered Shutters and Doors:

  • 1. Convenience: Irrespective of how big or small the space it, the louvers fit perfectly well. In addition, they are easy to open or close, without having to worry about blocking the way or coming in between constricted space. They look perfectly well fitted into the doors as well; as a result, looking part of the fitment without actually sticking out.
  • 2. Air Movement: One of the foremost advantages is that they allow movement of air easily. Louvered shutters and doors allow warm and cool air to travel between the rooms, therefore keeping the temperature at a comfortable level. In places where the climate is tropical or more on the humid side, it lets the cool air to pass through therefore making the humidity more than bearable. In summers if you do not want the rooms to get heated you can keep the louvers closed. With that as an option should you like some breeze to pass through, you can chose the angle at which the louvers can be kept open for comfort.
  • 3. Esthetic Appeal: Last but not the least, the louvered shutters and doors give the house a resort like look and feel. You can customize the color of the fixture along with the shutter to your needs. The best thing is that even if style changes, the shutters are well preferred even though home owners or designers may change.

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