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Kid Friendly Window Treatments

It’s fun to have children at home. It is also of great importance to look at their safety as also to enhance the value of your home by making it more children friendly. This applies to the esthetics of your home as well.

A home has many aspects that give it its individual look and feel. Décor is one of them and plays a very important part.

Window treatments are one aspect of home decoration that cannot be ignored. They give a room a definitely distinctive look. While there are different kinds of window treatments, shutters, drapes and blinds are the most popular of them all. Plantation shutters give your home the unique resort like look and feel. On the other hand curtains and drapes can give it a totally different look as each one of us has different tastes and preferences. Valances too add a royal appeal to the décor.

Tips for Parents for Kid Friendly Window Treatments

Certainly you can do this and much more when it comes to window treatments. But, it is important to face the reality of having kids at home and do accordingly. They have to be kid friendly totally.

  • To begin with, invest in window treatments that are considered safe for your child. Plantation shutters are safe as they are fixed to the window.
  • On the other hand the ledge helps easy movement. One has to be careful with windows as often children have the habit of tugging at it. The curtain rod can come lose and there is great chance of them being hurt by it.
  • Blinds on the other hand can be lifted and kept away from their reach.
  • Glass window treatments are an absolute no-no. So, in short stay away from anything that is breakable and or that with can get dislodged.
  • Make sure that the window treatments are well off the ground, to prevent children from tripping over and hurting themselves. Kids often are careless and go their own way without noticing. Rather, you be careful than expecting them to heed your word of caution.
  • Take your time and teach them the treatment mechanism. It might take an effort, but over time it may be worth the effort.

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