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Innovative Ways to Repurpose Old Shutters

stockings-shuttersHome renovation is as attractive as getting yourself a new makeover. While more and more people opt to install plantation shutters to get a resort like look and feel at home, it is an investment that goes a long way and enhances the value of your home. Often the old shutters are replaced with new ones. So what happens to the old shutters, and possibly ones in good condition?

The answer is you could repurpose old shutters! Well, often they are in good condition. Some come in very high quality wood and have an antique look to them. Instead of just throwing away, the old shutters can be put to decorative use by repurposing them.

Ways to Repurpose Old Shutters

Making furniture:
The old and splendid wood shutters can be made into distinctive recycled furniture. They can be converted into coffee tables with an antique look. They can also be used to make the seating base of a wooden sofa. They can be made into storage boxes with the look and feel of an ancient trunk. They can be used to give the home a look that is almost ageless. The box can be made a multipurpose one. The louvered shutters can be used to slide in items. They can also be made into a divided horizontal cabinet, where it can be lifted to slide in items which would be compartmentalized inside. They can also be put on the walls and decorated with knick knacks. Over your work table they can be put up as a space for little things such as envelope holders, pens and much more. Old shutters can also be cut to your need and formed the headboard of your bed for a rustic appeal.

Bigger shutters can be used as room dividers. For big spaces that cannot have doors, these shutters can be repurposed into dividers. They would give a distinctive look as also serve the purpose as well. Smaller shutters can be used as a cover of a box for wire boxes or switch boards, security alarm or safe boxes.

Old shutters can be used to give a distinctive look to a store. A specialty store can be given an ageless appeal with the help of old shutters. They can also be used at home as unique décor in different places in the house or your patio. They can be used as a backdrop to hang paintings or pictures. It forms a splendid backdrop, and can be customized with the help of stains to suit the pictures on display.

Your imagination is the key to your decor. With these shutters you can do almost anything and give your home a complete new makeover. In addition, it is good use of the investment rather than throwing it as junk.

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