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How to Keep Your Shutters in Great Conditon

image-02Adding frills to your home can always enhance the value of your home. With that in mind, installing plantation shutters are considered to be a worthwhile investment that adds to the look, provides security, and enhances your home worth.

While investing in plantation shutters, it is important to make sure that they are good quality shutters, irrespective of the material they are made of. Our plantation shutters are made of real hardwood. It is important to keep the shutters clean and in good condition, for them to function well. They are used much, in the sense the louvers are opened and closed more often than not. This can make them loose as well and therefore not tighten as one requires it to be.

Handle Your Shutters with Care

It is not wrong to say that these shutters are very durable. But one needs to be gentle and not be rough in handling them. It is important to twist the rods gently when opening or closing the slats. On the other hand, if the rods need to be lifted, one needs to be careful as well. Once in a while it would help to make sure that the slats and the rods are fastened well enough and that they do not bang against the wall or any concrete surface. This will ensure that the framework that supports the slats are firm and do not loosen up or slip open every so often.

Get Your Shutters Checked for Damage

Wood is known to swell when there is a high level of humidity in the air. With that said, it may help to get the plantation shutters to be checked by experts to see that they are tight enough and do not open up easily. A good sealant can be sprayed on to the shutters to make sure that the wood does not swell and change the shape of the shutters, in turn having problem opening or closing them or being able to lock them in.

Little care can go a long way. Shutters are a good investment, and will not loosen up if one takes care of them and gets them checked at regular intervals.

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