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History and Evolution of Shutters

16fIn modern times shutters have multiple uses. Not only do they help to manipulate the light and temperature than infiltrates into the premises, but also adds to the aesthetics and the look. The addition was a welcome one both by property owners and interior designers. They served their purpose as also added to the value of one’s home.

Evolution of Shutters

Shutters evolved many years ago, when the need to protect ones privacy also came about. They were in fashion as early as 1930’s and started to be to different uses than just protecting ones privacy. Natural wood was the most preferred choice when it came to shutters, given the abundance of wood at that time. Since it was also available in different colors and textures they became one of the most popular choices when it came to homes. They could be stained and textured additionally to get a differential look as would match one’s home. Though wood continued to be the most popular choice, over time people started looking at different materials that would work equally well as would be cost effective.

Around the 50’s, other materials such as vinyl, composites, cellular PVC and fiberglass were being used for shutters. These were lighter in comparison and rather easy to be maintained. The look and the aesthetics factor could also be changed to be in sync with the décor of the house. These were more affordable and cost less than the plantation shutters.

Another type are the composite wood shutters. They aren’t teal wood, but made from a combination of wood dust, resins, and glue as the name suggests. Though they look like wood, they are much more water resistant and resistant to molds and fungus. They can be a substitute for wood shutters and comparatively more durable than the wooden ones. Cellular PVC shutters are resistant to weathering, rotting, and insects and almost last a lifetime and are rather affordable. Fiberglass shutters are reinforced plastic that are lightweight, maintenance free, and resistant to moisture and other elements. They are expensive but can last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

With the different choices, sure enough shutters have been a prime choice from the days of yore to now, and are a great way to do up your home.

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