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Choose Wooden Shutters Instead of Blinds

Blinds have become very common in homes across the country because of their general tendency to be inexpensive, but shutters can offer better window coverage and add more appeal to any room. Today we will compare wooden shutters to blinds, and help you choose which option is better for your home.

3 Differences Between Wooden Shutters and Blinds

The main differences between wooden shutters and blinds can be easily noted by looking at, feeling, and using them.

  1. 1. Appearance & Light Blocking Capabilities

  2. Everyone will notice that blinds are a series of long wood, plastic, or aluminum sheets that may offer privacy, but don’t block light very well. Blinds will allow enough light into a room to see clearly when they are closed. Shutters perfectly cover a window’s area and can block out nearly all the light that comes into a room. They also offer a high level of visual appeal that can make any room attractive because of their many unique design possibilities.

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  3. 2. Touching for Build Quality

  4. Most blinds will feel thin and flimsy when you touch them which means that they aren’t very durable and will likely need to be replaced within a few years. Wooden shutters feel solid because they are constructed with thick wood which guarantees sturdiness and durability for decades.

  5. 3. Opening & Closing

  6. Blinds generally require separate rods or strings to adjust their position which often requires more time and effort than should be necessary. Wooden shutters can be easily adjusted with simple rods and knobs. This means that they can be adjusted or opened with a quick, simple motion.

Why Choose Wooden Shutters?

Wooden shutters are the ideal option for anyone who values build quality, aesthetic value, ease of use, and to be able to keep a room dark without needing curtains.

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