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Add Elegance to Your Home with Hardwood Plantation Shutters

More often than not, your house gets a distinguished and a different look with simple changes. Window dressings can give your home an entire new look. With a plethora of choices to choose from, it is always the choice between curtains, shutters, blinds, drapes and others. However, what rules is a dressing that promises durability and protection.

Quality Hardwood Plantation Shutters

Hardwood covers that are made in the USA are one of the most popular choices when it comes to dressing up your windows. As the name suggests hardwood covers are made from hard natural wood. Different hardwoods like Western Red Cedar, Knotty, Select Alder or Basswood are used to make plantation shutters. They can be made to fit any shape or size of windows. The hardwood plantation shutters are treated chemically to make sure they are bug or termite resistant as well as water proof. Their elegance is enhanced by adding a stain, or painting them with different colors. The entire structure can be customized to your choice, therefore giving the exterior and the interior a much desired look. Often people have them just varnished and use them in their natural colorings. Certainly hardwood plantation shutters are rich and solid. They add to the aesthetics of the home and give a timeless appeal.

Shutters Offer Privacy and a Reduction in Energy Bills

In terms of protection and privacy, hardwood plantation shutters are an epitome of security. The louvers can be custom made and the size suited accordingly. They provide protection from inquisitive outsiders as well as from natural elements. Being strong and solid they protect extreme sunlight from infiltrating into the house. This also helps to conserve energy and therefore reduce energy bills significantly, as the air-conditioning does not need to overwork to keep the house cool. Sure enough they are a great investment which can enhance the value of your property significantly and make it stand out.

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