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5 Out of the Box Holiday Decoration Ideas for Shutters

The yuletide spirit brings with it cheer and unlimited fun and happiness. With it also is the need to decorate your special place – your home – in a way that sets it apart from the rest. It is all about impressing your friends, family and your neighbors with great holiday decoration ideas. Sure enough holiday decorations help to make your holiday more joyful and interesting.

You can opt for something new this holiday season. Putting up a Christmas tree, or doing up your home with interesting colored lights is something that is seen all around. In addition, installing inflatable holiday themed products in and around your home is something that is done by one and all in the neighborhood.

So, why not do something different this holiday season? Have you though to using your door and window shutters for holiday decorations?

Here are 5 Holiday Decoration Ideas for something out of the box this holiday season:

1. Use your shutters to hang chain, Christmas wreaths and sprigs. Use it as a mantle to hold your holiday decorations so that your home looks like a huge Christmas tree and the embellished shutters its decorations.

2. Do you throw away the wonderful Christmas cards that you receive from friends and family? Use the door and window shutters as Christmas card holders. Every time you look at the door or the window shutter, it will remind you how loved and remembered you are.

3. Do your door and windows have the drab and the mundane look? This holiday season spruce them up with washable spray paint in red and white in ode of the yuletide spirit. Take a step further and paint your shutters with Christmas tidings and pictures. In short, use it as a canvas and let your imaginations run wild.

4. Turn your shutters into giant presents using brightly colored wrapping paper, large ribbons, and bows. Hang your stockings from the shutters. You could also hang the presents for the different members of the family from the window box so that everyone can see and look longingly at the goodies that will be coming their way.

5. If you live in a place that gets snow in winter, it becomes all the more necessary to protect the wooden door and the window shutters. Use this alibi and make the covers look like giant gift boxes, by covering them like Christmas presents.

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