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4 Creepy Ways to Use Shutters for Halloween Decorations

For kids and adults Halloween is the fun time of the year when it’s about being as spooky as ever. Dressing up in scary and fun costumes is a part of it, as much as is to decorate your home accordingly. Each and every element of your home can be used to bring in the spirit of Halloween. Décor can be theme or story based. The bottom-line being, the creepier the better.

Halloween décor is all about being as spooky and as ghoulish as possible. With that said, shutters can be used as part of the decorations. Here are some easy ways to use them effectively.

shutters for Halloween decorations

Using Shutters for Halloween Decorations

1. The entry of your house makes the first impression that the trick or treat friends get when they stop by. The entry way shutters can be made to look ghostly with cobwebs all over the place, with spiders and insects climbing up. You can also use red colors to seem like they are dripping like blood.

2. The windows and shutters around the house can be used in a funny way to make it all the spookier. Different color jack-o-lanterns can be lit up and put below the half opened shutters while keeping the room dark. Scary bats and skeletons can be made to peak out of the shutters, making your home look like a haunted house.

3. Old shutters can be painted with an old, antique look and placed around the house to give it a dilapidated look. They can also be used for Halloween decorations and put on the mantels and significant places.

4. Go a little bit techno and attach electronic fitments onto the shutters so that they open and shut on their own making your house look haunted by ghosts. Animated items and figurines that are easily available can be placed so that they look through the window shutters for added effect.

You can get as creative as you want while decorating your home this Halloween. Make use of your shutters wisely and they will add on to the spooky atmosphere and add the extra thrill during Halloween.

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