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4 Creative Ways to Use Old Shutters for Decorating

Old ShuttersAre you planning

to update the appearance of your house? Updating the exterior of your home usually involves repainting, gardening, and removing old shutters. Don’t be too quick to throw those old shutters in the trash though, there are many ways to use them creatively to decorate your home and garden.

Decorating Ideas for Old Shutters

Build Room Dividers

Creating room dividers is a great way to use old shutters if they are tall. Simply smooth the surface of them, repaint them, and connect them with sturdy hinges to add an attractive privacy divider to any room.


Turning old shutters into shelves is possibly the simplest thing you can do with them. Sand them to your desired texture, repaint them, and mount them to the wall using sturdy brackets.

Garden Planters

Using old shutters to build garden planters is a great way to save money. Refinish the appearance of them, and screw them together to hold soil for your new plants.

Photo Displays

You can use old shutters to create photo displays of any style whether you want them to have an old, rugged, vintage, or modern appearance. Refinish them to your desired texture, paint them, and glue or staple your pictures onto them to give them a unique display.

The decorative uses for old shutters are nearly endless. Put your mind into creative mode and you are guaranteed to create something you enjoy.

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