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3 Ways to Block Out the Sun From Your House

Millions of people miss out on precious hours of sleep because of the sun shining through their windows in the morning. This inconvenient part of nature is especially irritating during the summer months when the sun rises early. Aside from being disturbed from sleep too early in the morning, the sun also heats your house which can drastically increase your electric bill in the summer. These inconveniences can be solved simply if you find a way to block out the sun from your house when you need to by adding a simple barrier to your windows.

3 Ways You Can Block Out the Sun:

  • Drapes: Drapes are the easiest way to block the sun from your house. All you need to do is buy a rod to mount above your window, and choose a thick fabric that you find attractive. Simply slide the drapes across the rod, and you are guaranteed to get the sleep that you have been missing out on.
  • Wood Shutters: Wood shutters may be the most effective way to block the sun from entering your house. Choose solid wood or slatted panels to be installed on the interior of your house behind the windows; the unwanted light and the heat it creates will cease to be an issue.
  • Blinds: Well designed blinds (not the aluminum type) are a great way to reduce the sunlight in your home while still allowing a small amount of natural light in.

Each of the sun-blocking home additions we mentioned can add to the visual appeal and character of any room in your house. Contact a sales representative at Shutterz Incorporated to choose the perfect shutters which will block unwanted sunlight, and add visual appeal to your home.

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