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Painted Shutters

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Our solid hardwood shutters come in 2 painted finishes; smooth and textured. We offer standard and custom color matches. We have shutters that fit every budget!

We build our plantation shutters out of the very best material on the market. We only purchase the highest grade lumber grown right here in the United States. Our solid hardwood plantation shutters come in two painted finishes; Smooth or Textured. Depending on the look you are trying achieve, both result in a beautiful finish. Our ultra-smooth finish is brought about by a use of premium water based paints and our high tech painting and polishing machine process. Our founder, Wes Kampfer, was one of the earliest pioneers of the textured finish. For decades, Plantation shutters were sandblasted leaving pits and heavy valleys in the wood. Fifteen years ago, Wes designed his own plantation shutter texturing machine using nylon wheels to brush the surface of the shutter components. This process exposes the grain of the wood and creates what we call the “Textured” finish. Since then, Shutterz Inc. commissioned a local machine manufacturer to custom build a texturing and sanding machine. This custom machine has given us the ability to replicate textures again and again to make sure our plantation shutters are uniform.

We offer a wide range of standard colors for you to choose for your painted shutters. If there is something that we don’t offer, we also provide custom painted color matches. After years of working with our paint supplier, we decided to install our own painted shutter machine. With the help of Sherwin-Williams, we now mix and tint our standard and custom painted colors here at our facility.

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