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Hand Wiped Stain

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These premium solid hardwood shutters can be stained to match any decor. Hand wiped and finished in our factory using low VOC materials.

We build our plantation shutters out of the very best material on the market. We only purchase the highest grade lumber grown right here in the United States. Our solid hardwood plantation shutters can be stained to match any color or décor. We offer several standard colors to choose from. If one of our standard colors doesn’t match what you are looking for, we also provide custom stain matches at no additional cost. We custom make each color here at our factory in Chandler. Using a commercial grade tinting process from Sherwin-Williams, we are able to obtain a fantastic finish while at the same time using water –based and low VOC material not harmful to the environment.

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  • Stained Shutter 2
  • Stained Shutter 3
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